An early failure and an important question: What About Butter?


Last night, I threw together a tasty dinner for my family (casserole of: brown rice, grilled chicken, chopped asparagus, a can of tomatoes and a load of garlic). My kid never once asked what the green things were, she just ate them and gave the dish a thumbs up. Perfect.

After dinner, my kid and I ran off to a fabric store to get her stuff to make a gift for her friend's sister who is graduating high school today. I walk back into my house to see my very own husband finishing the last bite of, yes, a frozen pizza. On DAY 3!

Well, Monday morning he is having a full physical. Including blood work. His cholesterol levels were elevated the last time he had them checked - probably 4 years ago now - and he has not in any way altered his eating (or attempted to remedy it with drugs). Of course, I hope with all of me everything is A-OK. But something tells me that cholesterol level did not fix itself and that he may get some news that will make him (sing with me, Carrie Underwood) think before he cheats. (See above - there is another temptress already in the freezer.)

An additional complication to manage: For the next six nights, at least one person (but probably all of us) in our family will be eating corn on the cob. My daughter is getting braces on June 10th and is taking this opportunity to eat everything now that she will be denied until the end of her treatment. Can't deny a kid that wish. And you just can't eat corn on the cob without glorious melted butter.

But, then again, I am sure everyone's great-great-grandmother would recognize butter as a food, right?